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Drug Affordability Guide

Cost of medications are rising every year. The following is a brief guide to help you afford your prescriptions:

1. Remember that most new and brand name only medications have manufacture discount coupons online on their respective websites. 

2. When cost remain prohibitive even with these discount coupons, you might still be able to afford them by getting a larger sized pills and dividing them to make a month's supply last longer. This is often possible even with capsule form medications. Please contact Dr. Suh to see if that is possible. 

3. If the medication is a generic, more often than not, will provide discounts that can make costs quite affordable and sometimes even cheaper than insurance coverage. Goodrx also has an app for convenience so you don't have to print out the coupon. 

4. If your medication is a brand name drug and insurance refuses to cover at all, or are good resources and also can direct you to manufacturer patient assistance program and their eligibility requirement and application. Usually they require that your insurance refuses to cover your medication at any amount. If you are eligible, please email Dr. Suh the link to that application. He will fill his portion and send back the application for you to finish. 

5. Last option is to use low-cost online pharmacies. Most generic meds have been negotiated by these companies with manufacturers to provide low prices. Please check out, and Mark Cuban's,  If all else fails, many have resorted to online pharmacies but be careful as it's been shared that most are fraudulent or illegitimate.  If you still plan on ordering online, two websites with reliable lists of verified pharmacies are the VIPPS program ( and BuySafeRx ( Alternatively, patients can check if an online pharmacy is safe by entering its internet address at

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